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DESIGN / CREATIVE DIRECTION: website & tumblr for @Bilal

New website and tumblr page I’d designed for my good friend, BILAL was just launched coinciding with his new album’s A Love Surreal’s release date (Febr. 26th). This highly-anticipated album has been given rave reviews and been the #1 selling R&B album on iTunes since it dropped. It is indeed an amazing piece of work that further establishes him as a genre on his own right, like other unique artists such as Prince, David Bowie, Radiohead or Little Dragon. This album is a very personal project devoted to songs about love in its glory and its low moments. It’s intimate and sometimes melancholy, but uplifting nonetheless. Bilal is a highly visual musician and likes to actively participate in the presentation of his projects. This album was  inspired by Salvador Dali’s surreal world, and he wanted to do a new take on Dali’s classic photo of the nudes forming a skull and somehow turn it into a lotus flower-transforming the skull-death concept into the  idea of flower-rebirth.

He approached me to do an art exhibit for his release party, but the original concept grew into something way bigger and more exciting. Since then, I’ve been working behind the scenes with Bilal and a team of some amazing multimedia artists on a project that challenges each of the collaborators to go beyond our comfort zones and create something next level. Stay tuned!

Check out his website and tumblr and I highly recommend to get his new album “A Love Surreal.”