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nuMAD NYC Exhibition Recap

We had an amazing turnout for the nuMAD group-show. We had over 300 people come through! Thanks for everyone who showed love. Big shout out to my artist fam who made this show one of the hottest shows NYC has to offer, this was definitely the my best curator experience…nuMAD was conceived to bring ya’ll together (see the list in the previous post). Also big love to the Brooklyn Good Guys for holding it down for the night, and to the awesome DJs P.U.D.G.E & Jester NYC. Also thanks to Jose Castillo of 3rdeyesolation Gallery for hosting us. Below are some of the photos from the night. Follow nuMAD on tumblr. th_IMG_1825 th_IMG_1837_2_850 numad-lichi-marijnumad-lichi-fresh th_IMG_1846_2_850 th_IMG_1713_2_850 th_IMG_1717_2_850 th_IMG_1753_2_850 th_IMG_1785_850 th_IMG_1788_2_850 th_IMG_1789_2_850 th_IMG_1802_2_850 th_IMG_1819_2_850 th_IMG_1820_2_850 th_IMG_1821_2_850 th_IMG_1822_2_850 th_IMG_1823_2_850 th_IMG_1611_2_850 th_IMG_1615_2_850 th_IMG_1624_2_850 th_IMG_1638_2_850 th_IMG_1643_2_850 th_IMG_1646_2_850 th_IMG_1649_2_850 th_IMG_1668_2_850 th_IMG_1669_2_850 th_IMG_1672_2_850 th_IMG_1676_2_850 th_IMG_1678_2_850 th_IMG_1688_2_850 th_IMG_1664_2_850
photos courtesy of Mary J Brooklyn