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The 3rd Annual Coaster Show, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (Sept 4-27)

Visionary group show, Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (August)

Live Painting, Uncubed LA, Santa Monica, CA

Jedi July group show, Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (July)


Art For Progress presents De Ja Vu groupshow with Rocco Alberico, Ted Barr, Bill Claps, Lance Dehne, Tony DiBella, Essam, gilf!, Diane LaRaja, Lichiban, Sona Mirzaei, Carol Nussbaum, Juan Manuel Pajares, Jeanne Wilkinson and Margaret Withers, NOoSPHERE Gallery, New York, NY (Oct 30-Nov 12)

WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back The Streets group art exhibit, Chicago, IL (June 18)

WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back The Streets group art exhibit, Longview Gallery, Washington D.C. (Apr 23)

FridaMania, a showcase of female artists work honoring Frida Kahlo,  Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach (March 16)

WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back The Streets group art exhibit, Gallery 151 part of  ARMORY Week, NY (March 7-13)

WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back The Streets group art exhibit, WallPlay, NY (February 22th-March 1)

WAT-AAH!’s Taking Back The Streets group art exhibit, New Museum, NY with Kenny Scharf, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Maya Hayuk, Shantell Martin, Trey Speegle, Concep, Metro Zu, Ryan McGuiness, Vesa, and more (February 20th)

RAISE UP PHILIPPINES: A Print and Art Benefit for Typhoon Haiyan Relief, Bunnycutlet Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Andrew Bell, Anthony Castro, Cam, Cern One, Don Rimix, Fumero, Gigi Bio, Grace Bio, Greg Lamarche, Jeff Henriquez, Jesse Hernandez, Jon Burgerman, Jon Lewis, Kano, Karen Sneider, Kelly Denato, Lamour Supreme, Lichiban, Liz Artinian, Lou Pimentel, Marka27, Malik Yusef Cumbo, Moses Mitchell, Nathan Jurevicius, O.G SLick, One9, Plushplay, Ron Upperman, Ryan Wheelbarrow, SAM, Simone Legno, Sucklord, Tara McPherson (January 3, 2013)


BOX Social group show w/ Michael Ziobrowski , Concep, Artemis Nolasco, Jouvon Michael Kingsby and more, Santa Ana, CA (October 5)

nuMAD NYC (served as the curator for the show) 3rdEyeSolation Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. group show featuring Yatika Fields, Vanguard Bots, Selah Says, Romulo Sans, Quelle Chris, Quan Luv, Pierre, Mista Martin, Mega Max, MeLo-X, Lichiban, king Texas, Jose Castillo, Jaque Fragua, Mr. Day Job, Mari J Brooklyn, hRo, Gigi Bio, Fresh Daily, Diana McClure, Blank Experiment, Betty Bastidas, Alysia Mazzella, Alice Mizrachi (March 29th-April 28th, 2013)


PURPLE, Causey Contemporary Gallery, Williamsburg, NY group show featuring Alice Mizrachi, Diana McClure, Gilf!, Lady Pink, Lichiban, Miss Van, Olek, Priscila De Carvalho, Queen Andrea, Ritzy Periwinkle, and Sofia Maldonado. (October 19-November 19)


SVN: hi fi by MEGA.DOPE.POP collabo print featured as part of MEGA MAX’s debut solo installation at The Dillon, New York, NY (November  2-December 9, 2011) (KONOGO.MIX event series)

YOUNITY’s “GODDESSHOOD: Our Land is Our Jewel” Group exhibit with Swoon, Sofia McDonaldo, Alice Mizrahi, Diana McLure and more Riverfront Public Library, Yonkers, NY (September, 2011-December 2011)

Vivant Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (April-May 2011)


STREET TEXT: Art From the Coasts & The Populist Phenomenon group show with Chaz Bojorquez, Henry Chalfant, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Gaia, Jaque Fragua, Thomas C. Haag, Lady Pink, among others
516 Arts, Albuquerque, New Mexico (October 2010)

Space On White, NY (August, 2010)

ACROSS THE BOARD: Artists For Autism Awareness group show
Soapstone Gallery (August 2010)

GALAKTIKAT: The Return Of The Feline Tribe. Solo exhibit in collaboration with Livingroom Johnston, Quan Luv, Mega & Tajeme. Lotus Gallery, NY (August-September, 2010)

WHITE TRAIN launch group show
Chacala, NY (June 2010)

SUPERFRIENDS group show with Concep, Pesu & Fernando Mora
Gallery Bar, NY (February 2010)


Skylight Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (November 2009-Janury 2010)

FRESHER all-female art show of YOUNITY collective. LES, New York, (October-November, 2009)

BE GIRL BE, International Female Artists group show
Minneapolis (August-October 2009)

BLING THY INNER WEALTH Solo exhibit in collaboration with Quan Luv, Livingroom Johnston, Rodney White, Paridee
Red Bamboo, NY (April 2009-April 2010)

MANIFEST HOPE, Shepard Fairey and MoveOn.org Inaugural Art Show Washington D.C. February 2009


THE SECRET LIVES OF SAMURAIS FROM THE LAND OF ETERNAL LOVE Solo exhibit in collaboration with Quan Luv, Concep, Pesu, Diamond Girl & Jelsen Jargon YUME Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (December 13, 2008-January13, 2009)

HEART & SOUL all-female art show of YOUNITY collective. Alphabeta Gallery, Brooklyn, (NYC October 14,-Nov 17, 2008)

“Politricks“ 5th annual HUSTLENOMICS group show
(NYC November 14, 2008)

GPS SUPREME, album release party & art show w/ Yah
SUPREME TRADING Gallery (NYC October 1-4)

GIRLS DREAM IN COLOR all-female underground art show: BABY, LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT LOVE IS (I curated this show)
Harriets Alter Ego Gallery (NYC October 5-30, 2008)

EYE CANDY Crewest Gallery (Los Angeles, August 14-31, 2008 )

THE WORLD AT LARGE // LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS, A Benefit for the International Humanity Foundation (Limbo Gallery, May 11-June 1, 2008 San Diego, CA)

FUTURE ARTS Urban Art Show
(Roxy, April 18th 2008)

(Boston Center For the Arts, April 18th, 2008)

Benefit Art Show for Liberian Women Educational Fund
(Boston, April 19-May1 2008)

THE ART OF HIP-HOP (End of the Weak International MC challenge,
(NYC, February 2008)


WORD OF MOUTH group art show (Diet Gallery, ART BASEL, Miami, FL December 6, 2007)

COLLABRO group exhibit featuring Futura, SEEN, Tristan Eaton, James Naccarato, etc (The Showroom NYC, New York, NY June 9-16, 2007)

HIT THE DECK skatedeck group art show
(Rebel, NYC October 2007)

HIT THE DECK skatedeck group art show
(The Estate, Boston November 2007)

SNEAK ATTACK, Custom Sneaker Art Battle
(Good Life, Boston, September 2007)

777 Universal Street Kulture Fashion and Art Show
(Villa Victoria, Boston, MA July7, 2007)

Solo display (Urban Outfitters Window Gallery, June 25-July 2 , Cambridge, MA)

Maverix Benefit Auction/Sketchcrawl for Emergency USA, May 20, 2007 (Maverix Studios, San Francisco, CA )

LEGENDS OF STYLE, Surreal City April 20, 2007 (Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA)


AFROPUNK , June 2010


LEVI’S CURVE ID August 2010