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“The Healer”. Collabo with painter/model IBRAHIM BAAITH at the CREATIVE HEIGHTS launch party (about 4×8 feet). This was totally unplanned, kind of a spur-of-the-moment collabo with my good friend, Ibrahim. I planned something else, so it was a real challenge, but I’m glad I jumped on it. Ibi is a trained painter, and I’ve seen him doing crazy portraits live in a matter of a few hours, while my strong element was drawing and I’ve never been trained in painting (which he caught …’Lichi you don’t know how to paint’ lol)…different process, but being in front of a crowd, I couldn’t fake it, I just had to jump in and do my best. My intent was to bring to light my feline animal guide/avatar as a protector for his character.

This was way before the movie Avatar came out.

Check out Ibi’s work here.