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My first collaboration (ever!) with my buddy and fellow artist in crime, Jelsen Jargon for THE WORLD AT LARGE // LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS exhibit that my friends, The Love Movement are curating in the Limbo Gallery in San Diego. The show’s proceed will benefit The International Humanity Foundation, a San Diego-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free education and community leadership development, as well as operates orphanages and famine feeds, for the poorest of the world’s poor in Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya. I have been involved in several benefit shows in the past and am always ready to contribute my art to a worthy cause. The World at Large / / Love Without Borders will showcase an amazing lineup of internationally-shown artists: Michael De Feo, Wolfgang Bloch, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ben Brough – 33, Andrew Sarnecki – Hippytree, Hovin Wang, Paul Lefevre – Polish, Micke Tong, Thundercut, Abe Lincoln Jr., Lichiban, Jelsen Jargon, eight-year-old Reece V., Meredith Ambruso, Guy Quezada, Jon Ho, Karen Jones and of course, TLM.
For more information, please visit:
www.jelsenjargon.com || www.ihfonline.org ||www.limboarts.com ||  www.tlmphilly.com