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I-CHI, The Dragon of the Lotus Temple 

Boddhi meets I-CHI, The Dragon
This was a photo story projects I worked on with photographer WEZN in July 2010 for my GALAKTIKAT show. The shoot also featured my two friends Taj “King Gnep” Sylvester & Nacinimod Deodee (House of Nassat).
The original idea for a cutout piece came from my close friend, Taj whom I was working with while I was installing my GALAKTIKAT show in Brooklyn. We both had in mind to create a temple-like space, and we both work with wood, but Taj, an artist & craftman among others, was a wizard of wood cutting. This dragon became our first work together. Taj also cut out the lotus spaceships and flowers as well. We had planned to create more elaborate installation following up on this project.
One of the most shocking losses of 2011 was his untimely death. I’m blessed to have known him and to have a piece of his creativity preserved in the form of the Chi dragon. He was a true friend, a warrior with a gentle and super generous soul. Taj was the true Jedi of the Lotus Temple.
Peace & love King Gnep. You will never be forgotten.
my top: Marilyn by Mari J Brooklyn|
Nacinimod is wearing his own custom made House of Nassat jacket
art direction: Lichiban