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MURAL: “Here Comes the Sun” (Albequerque, NM 2010) w/ Jaque Fragua

I had a life-transforming time in the desert of New Mexico. The land is consecrated to the Sun as the state flag’s solar symbol, sacred to the Pueblo Natives, reminds one…I’ve been mentally projecting myself to this desert for the last couple of years… I’m still trying to absorb all the experiences I had out there. When I was visualizing the mural, I tried to tune into the magic of the land and create something seen through the eye of the heart.

I had the honor to be invited by New Mexico artist, Jaque Fragua to do a collabo mural for the upcoming STREET ARTS show at 516Arts. Our mural was a testament to the power of color to represent the victory of life over the all-consuming greyness brought upon by pollution and natural/human disasters. I remember growing up in communist Hungary known for the vast environmental and health damage that the lo-tech industrial complex brought to the country…I remember craving bright colors as a child, since the dominant color of that era was grey or shades of grey mixed with faint colors…it meant to keep us on a lower vibration. When I looked at the walls of the building, I couldn’t wait to just jump into it and see the transformation we were about to bring on. What happened to the EL REY Theatre was a case of color therapy, a symbolic victory of the Sun over darkness, life over death, renewal over pollution and waste. I always dreamt of creating art that followed in the footsteps of traditional artists who created icons or offerings to the higher spirits. Our piece became a metaphor for fertility and spiritual blessings, and everyone who came through to check on us had thanked us for changing up the feel of the whole area. I cannot even thank to all the people who came through and brought us water, food, beer, or sunblock…I really felt the love from the locals, and am very grateful for it.

The Guardian of the Mountains is a Keeper of The Flame, the gatekeeper for the Secret Treasures hidden inside its belly.


The UNDERWORLD Belly of the Guardian [=burnt out landmark, the once famous Golden West Saloon, also served as a symbol the environmental abuse inflicted upon sacred land by the nuclear industry]. It comes to warn that if you disrespect the Guardian or fail its test, you’ll end up swallowed up by the RedCarpetTongue and get burned. Our Guardian stands as a reminder that the land is sacred and is protected.


















































































































The new generation: Jaque Fragua, Cloud Face, Randy Barton. We had a chance to be photographed by renowned photographer/documentarian Henry Chalfant, author of Style Wars, Subway Art and many more iconic work from the early days of graffiti.