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MURAL: REGENERATION :: Earth Spirit Rise (2009)

Lichiban :: “RE:GENERATION: Earth Spirit Rise” mural-LES, NYC from Lichiban EV [Electric Vision] on Vimeo.

A follow up to my UP IN THE CLOUDS mural, I’ve worked on in June (the rain kept on sabotaging me) and was featured as a part of my collective, YOUNITY’s environmental awareness- raising mural exhibition, FRESHER. The piece is located on the rooftop of the Grand Street New Design High School (It was first revealed at the Rooftop legends party). The rooftop hosts some of the illest legal street mural/graf pieces of the city…definitely worth a trip asking the people at the school to let you check out all the pieces up there. I’ll post some of the other pieces from the roof soon.


2010 <3thunderbolt> starts generating vibration :::
code: <3+3>=1

The Rise of the Earth Spirit, GEA:: GEA launches <3thunderbolt> to release magic power to heal and awaken earthlings

earthlings realize the need to protect COSMIC ARK :: feel the vibration ::: we open gates :::