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SHADES OF GOLD:: Mari J Brooklyn x Lichiban

IMG_20130327_231858 Check the new print collabo series called SHADES OF GOLD I did with NYC-based Japanese photographer, Mari J Brooklyn. The concept was built around the super fresh shades artists such as Santigold, Coco and Breezy or Erykah Badu were wearing that Mari captured in the New York City nightlife. The prints (mounted on wooden canvas) were exhibited at the nuMAD NYC group show and we also had some wheatpaste that our street team magically showcased in Soho, NYC. Check out her site for more flicks! IMG_20130320_173737 IMG_20130427_014831 IMG_20130427_014709 IMG_20130427_014519 IMG_20130427_013947 tumblr_mlvsoswqem1qdoy5uo1_500 tumblr_mlxexcj0YK1qdoy5uo1_500 tumblr_mlxcayGpCX1qdoy5uo1_500 tumblr_mlxaidc2tT1qdoy5uo1_500