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New Series




Through vibrant hues of neon and pastel, Lichiban's designer alterego, Maniko's latest body of work, “Color Therapy” invites viewers to experience the healing power of color. Inspired by light's ability to refract into endless shades, each series piece guides us into soft focus realms where color holds the energy to restore coherence and balance. This coherence between outer and inner realms guides awareness toward greater wholeness and presence.


Drawing intuitively from her background in painting & and photography, Maniko explores digital art making, wielding light as pigment to craft transcendent spaces that dissolve boundaries between physical and spiritual. Layers of fuchsia, lavender, and chartreuse shapeshift into portals transporting us into the liminal zone where dreams manifest. At once fluid and airy, the images evoke fading dream memories swirling just below conscious thought. The eye flows through gradients of purple and soft neon orange, patterns emerge across contrasting shapes, hues of rose quartz and amethyst interact.

Healing Spectrum

Color Therapy invites viewers to experience more fluid access to intuitive domains of imagination and insight. Bridges form from rational left brain mode into expanded right brain creativity. Color Therapy's visual language reveals the possibility to hold and integrate a broader spectrum of consciousness. Her images remind us color's potential to illuminate all aspects of self into a blissful unified whole.

Recent studies demonstrate color's ability to influence brain wave patterns and energetic states within the body. Cooler hues like blue and violet can trigger meditative frequencies for greater inner coherence, clarity, and calm. Meanwhile, warm shades of red, orange and yellow provide uplifting zest that builds coherence in mood and mental outlook.

By channeling Color Therapy’s visual frequencies, Lichiban tunes our inner spiritual receiver to intuitive wavelengths revealing that which has always lived just beneath the surface. As an antidote for postmodern disconnect, she envisions these ethereal scenes to attune viewers to the possibility of alternate states of consciousness where one may uncover profound truths about our interconnectedness.  Her vivid tones speak directly to the soul, sweeping away limitations to celebrate the light essence that unites us all.

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