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We are made of light

Let's collaborate.

Creative Direction. Moodboarding. Brand Photography. Fashion & Editorial. Lifestyle. Portrait. Lookbooks. Product Photography. Content Creation.


Imagine a place where ancient legends, futuristic sci-fi, and visionary cat lore meet & time is non-linear. Introducing the tribe of feline spiritual superhero sages on a journey of many lifetimes.

Feline Fantasy

Lichiban is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist, creative director, photographer, graphic designer. Her work  has been featured in Clam Magazine (Paris), Coulers (Morocco), Universe (Japan), Women United Art Magazine, UNDO, Refinery29 and XL8TR .


Art & Photography

Red desert

Let's collaborate.

Creative Direction. Brand Photography. Fashion & Editorial. Lifestyle. Portrait. Lookbook. Product Photography & Content Creation.

Commercial work

Music & Entertainment
Photography for Press Kits, Album Art, Magazine Editorials

Personal work

The Spirit of Color

A Collaborative Photography Project

In the Spirit of Color, the framework of fashion meets fantasy brings new meaning to self-discovery. Colors were chosen intuitively in the moment as a form of emotional storytelling. 

It's always been about the light

"My personal photography work draws on my interests in spirituality, consciousness, multidimensional explorations, light healing and visual storytelling, but my passion is fed by my love of people & telling stories through forever moments. Using my lens & creativity is a way of showing love. Shining new light.


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