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Lichiban is Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist, creative director, photographer, and designer, best known for her work that explores the intersection of art, storytelling, pop culture, spirituality, and futurist lore. The underlying thread in all her creative explorations is her focus on light as a unifying medium and as a framework for understanding the inner & outer world.


Originally from Hungary, she started her creative career as a visual artist and painter in New York City, where she developed a body of pop art work featuring her feline spiritual superheroes & fantasy universe, Katapulko. During her years as an exhibiting fine artist in NYC, she has shown in several museums & galleries across the US, and had a thriving art practice and community (A.L.I.E.N NYC). Her work has been featured in numerous publications including XL8TR Magazine, Clam Magazine (Paris), Coulers (Morocco), Universe Magazine (Japan), UNDO Magazine, Refinery29, among others.


She moved to Los Angeles, where her creative focus has shifted to exploring other media such as photography and digital art. She has photographed and produced creative content for many of the greats of the music and entertainment industry, such as Keke Palmer, Bilal, Tekitha, O.N.E The Duo, and V Bozeman, among others.   

Artist Biography


"My favorite medium is light."

Drawing on her background in traditional painting, Lichiban treats colored light as her paint to experiment and blur the boundaries of photography and fine art. Through her personal work, she seeks to reveal a world where the physical and spiritual realms are more interconnected, where light and color bridge the gap between the two.

Lichiban’s recent body of work, Color Therapy, channels color’s rejuvenating essence through abstract compositions leading awareness to flow states.




"My personal photography work draws on my interests in spirituality, consciousness, multidimensional explorations, light healing and visual storytelling, but my passion is fed by my love of people & telling stories through forever moments. Using my lens & creativity is a way of showing love. Shining new light.”

  • Lichiban defines iconic visual identities and conceptual campaigns designed for cutting-edge digital culture, guiding brands into imaginative new territory .

  • Through strategic interweaving of creative positioning and visual systems, she architects multi-layered brand presences.

  • Charting cultural momentum to provide visionary creative direction, mentorship and targeted guidance tuned to the heart of each client’s audience.

  • Cinematic photographs and aesthetics, shaped by a mastery of light, emotion, and visual storytelling, combined with expert graphic design for exceptional lookbooks. Turn-key solution.

  • Through her intuitive lens, Lichiban spotlights the essence of personalities and brands by wielding light with multidimensional approach. Her deep connection to color guides emotion to surface in visually stunning frames. She empowers authentic stories to emerge from striking moments she captures -- her images create a space for her subjects to glow across screens and pages by unveiling their inner light.


She is also the founder of Studio LXR, a Los Angeles creative studio that uses immersive design & marketing strategies to manifest brands’ visions into tangible experiences that engage audiences across digital and physical worlds. Her multimedia entrepreneurial work aligns with her artistic mission to bring more light to human connections through technology’s imaginative frontiers.

Interested in collaborating? Get in touch.

Lichiban has exhibited her work in various museums & art galleries across the United States, alongside renowned artists such as Kenny Scharf, Futura, Shepard Fairey, Maya Hayuk, and Swoon. Her notable exhibitions include SCOPE Art Basel Miami, New Museum (NYC), Moonlight Studios (Chicago), Causey Contemporary Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts (Winner of Ten Artist To Watch).


Her photography work was featured during Metaverse Fashion Week 2023, as a part of S1C’s genesis Metaverse experience & wearable drop: “At Peace. On Fire." Lichiban is a member of S1C (Schedule 1 Concepts), an impact-driven digital, art, and science-venture collective in Los Angeles, founded by music artist, Miguel in 2021.


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